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ATN Quick Detach Mou..
ATN Quick Detach Mou..
ATN Quick Detach MountATN Quick Detach Mount is a second-to-none ..

122.40€ 127.90€


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ATN Quick Detach Mount
ATN Quick Detach MountATN Quick Detach Mount is a second-to-none scope installation solution for hun..
122.40€ 127.90€

KM-ta: 102€
BRESSER Nautic 7x50 Gen. II merekiirgud
Whether you’re sailing on the high seas, in a boat race or on a relaxing fishing trip, the BRESSER N..
228€ 236.90€

KM-ta: 190€
Digital Nightvision NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3,6x 250m/940nm IR (nähtamatu)
The BRESSER NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD is a solid binocular night vision device with invisible integrated ..
285.60€ 296.90€

KM-ta: 238€
Discovery Flora & Fauna 24 Ettevalmistatud mikroskoobi slaid
The Discovery Flora & Fauna prepared slides set includes 24 transparent specimens that can be stud..
16.80€ 16.90€

KM-ta: 14€
Erecting Lens (31,7mm/1.25'') Vixen
Vixen Erecting Lens (31,7mm/1.25'')The reversing lens corrects the orientation of the imag..
102€ 105.90€

KM-ta: 85€
Explore Scientific Filter Set 4 Moon & Planets from 200mm (8
EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Filter Set 4 Moon & Planets from 200mm (8")Filter Set 4 is recommended for Mo..
50.40€ 51.90€

KM-ta: 42€
Ilmajaam, läbipaistev, traadita, National Geographic
The National Geographic wireless weather station Translucidus connects large digits&n..
32.40€ 33.90€

KM-ta: 27€
Ilmakeskus koos anduriga 7 ühes,  WIFI, Colour, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
The new NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WIFI colour Weather Centre weather station with 7-in-1 profess..
200.40€ 207.90€

KM-ta: 167€
Keemialabor, Buki, 150 katset
150 risk-free chemistry experiments! Experiment with mixtures and explore kitchen products such as..
42€ 43.90€

KM-ta: 35€
STEELWe use Sandvik 12C27 stainless steelSAFETY RINGInvented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, the Virobloc ..
14.40€ 14.90€

KM-ta: 12€
Levenhuk Blaze BASE 80 Spotting Scope
Levenhuk Blaze BASE 80 Spotting Scope with a zoom objective lens is excellent for observing large ob..
138€ 143.90€

KM-ta: 115€
Levenhuk Blitz 80 PLUS Telescope
The Levenhuk Blitz 80 PLUS telescope is an excellent choice for a beginner. The advanced kit include..
190.80€ 197.90€

KM-ta: 159€
Levenhuk Level PLUS VT10 Statiiv
The Levenhuk Level PLUS VT10 tripod’s advantage is that you can transform it into a monopod whenever..
67.20€ 69.90€

KM-ta: 56€
Mikroskoop eksperimentaalse komplektiga K50 2L Levenhuk Rainbow 40x - 400x Lime
Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Lime Microscope is the easiest way to make the learning process truly entertaini..
78€ 80.90€

KM-ta: 65€
Teleskoop Levenhuk LabZZ T1 40/500 40–83 x
Levenhuk LabZZ T1 Telescope gives the youngest astronomers an opportunity to unravel the mysteries o..
50.40€ 51.90€

KM-ta: 42€
Teleskoop National Geographic 114/500 >228x
With its 114-mm aperture, this telescope collects three times more light than a 76-mm telescope. The..
147.60€ 153.90€

KM-ta: 123€
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